Most Popular Vacations for Honeymooners

After tying the knot, most couples enjoy embarking on a traditional honeymoon of sorts. Some honeymoons are given as a gift to the newly weds from the parents or family of the bride and groom, while others are planned well in advance. Honeymoons are normally a one to two week long vacation for the newly weds, intended as a beautiful beginning to the new life waiting for them. There are many offers and travel packages available for honeymooners through travel agencies or the happy couple may decide to plan their own honeymoon without the help of a travel agency. With all the wonderful places in this world to go, the hardest part can be deciding between all of the beautiful and most romantic places in the world and choosing only one. Although there are many wonderful and romantic honeymoon locations in the US and even through out the world, here is a list of the most popular vacations for honeymooners in the US.

1. Hawaii. Ranking as the number one most popular, beautiful and romantic vacation destinations for honeymooners, Hawaii offers world class hotels, delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches, hidden coves, abounding water sports for those water sports enthusiasts and the perfect weather all year round. Imagine walking into an uncrowded, immaculate beach where the air is serene and touched with the fragrance of exotic flowers. The water a pristine turquoise blue and the thick banyan trees bow their branches to such majesty. Visit Waikiki, Maui and many of the other islands during your stay and enjoy the Hawaiian culture. There is a large variety of hotels and resorts to choose from, such as Halekulani, Hyatt Regency and the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hawaii. All hotels and resorts offer wonderful packages and benefits.

2. Niagara Falls. Ranking the second most popular and romantic vacation destination for honeymooners, the natural wonders of Niagara Falls is both popular and affordable and can be enjoyed from either the US or the Canada side. Along with the Niagara Falls attractions is the “Maid of the Mist” boat cruise with the enjoyable IMAX feature film of “Miracles, Myths, and Magic” relating to the history of Niagara Falls. Nearby are attractions like the Guinness World of Records Museum, Mystery Maze, The Haunted House and The House of Frankenstein are simply a must-see while visiting the area. While visiting Niagara Falls, step into New York to sample the world’s best theaters, restaurants and shops. There’s a lot to do and see in and around Niagara Falls, with ample room to splurge.

3. Florida. Despite coming in third, Florida has plenty to offer from coast to coast. A warm festive atmosphere, beautiful sunsets and quelling beaches, Florida offers a little bit of something for everyone. The hardest thing for honeymooners with their heart set on Florida is deciding where to go. With choices from Walt Disney World and all the wonders of Orlando, Palm Beach, Miami, Daytona and the Florida Keys, honeymooners can find a variety of havens in Florida. With all the entertainment, sightseeing, water sports and relaxation, there is also an assortment of hotels and resorts from which to choose, all with their own special accommodations.

4. Las Vegas. Although coming in fourth, because it can be a bit more costly, Las Vegas is still a favorite among honeymooners. This is a city that never closes its doors and with all the sightseeing, entertainment and hotel accommodations to choose from, many couples can tie the knot and celebrate their honeymoon in the same city. Known for gambling, celebrities and fast weddings, Las Vegas is an experience that must be lived at least once in your life.

Closely following the four most popular honeymooner vacations are these most popular honeymoon havens: California (Wine Country), Pennsylvania (Poconos), Louisiana (New Orleans) and all the Southern states of the Gulf Coast. There are many beautiful and romantic honeymoon havens to escape to after tying the knot. These vacations can be bought in many different packages with a specific itinerary in mind or done at the spur of the moment. Either way, you don’t have to leave the US in order to have a romantic honeymoon, there are numerous hot honeymoon vacation spots right here in the US.


Cheap Holiday Vacations During The Winter

If you are looking for cheap holiday packages for the future or last minute deals, you can find some great deals too many different destinations. The airlines, hotels, destination in general and car rentals as well destination attractions work together to offer the best and cheapest holiday vacations for everyone. You might find a trip to Disney World in Florida during the winter months around Christmas time has some good deals. You could find great accommodations with a package deal that also includes meals and passes to the various Theme Parks in the area. Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be popular holidays that people love to get away for to any destination.

You might want to take a cheap holiday to Hawaii during the winter months and what better place then Hawaii for some warm weather, boat excursions and sightseeing. You will find that vacations to Hawaii during the winter holiday months is cheaper because tourism is down and the airlines, hotels and car rentals as well as the merchants on the Islands put together a very nice package deal to allow everyone to travel to the Island for the holidays. You can do some whale watching, visit the volcanoes, and see the beauty of the Islands by bicycle, horseback or hiking.

Cheap holiday vacations to destinations around the world may even take you to Italy, Cairo or Jamaica. Overseas vacation packages offer low rates during off-season travels and this is a great time to find many vacation deals that will meet your needs. Holiday travel is low for many parts of the world and these destinations put together great savings packages to attract tourist. You can find many places to take the family or even get away by yourself. Package holiday deals can be found online at many different websites who work with these destinations to attract the holiday traveler.

If a cheap holiday vacation is in your plans, you can plan to travel almost anywhere during the holiday season and enjoy great deals and plenty of things to see and do. You will never regret taking a holiday vacation. You will see so many different attractions anywhere you decide to travel.

Hawaii Honeymoon Vacations – Feel The Difference In Romance

Hawaii honeymoon vacations are ideal for any newly wed couples. The exotic beaches of Hawaii with its captivating beauty will make your trip a memorable one. The enchanting beaches have the air of romanticism that transcends you to a different world with your partner.

There are many beaches all around the world but none to match the ecstasy of the Hawaiian beaches. The island of Hawaii has special attractions with scuba diving and snorkeling that act as a bonus to visiting the place. The famous beaches lie at the Hilo District, Kona District, Kohala coast, Kau and Puna districts. Then there are other beaches that are equally bewitching and exotic like Kauai beaches, Oahu beaches, Maui beaches etc.

Let Hawaii be your first choice of honeymoon if you love beaches and seas. You will get the best deals with Hawaii honeymoon packages. There are also special offers if you book online. Please do a little bit of homework to get the best deal on Hawaii honeymoon packages.

The majestic beaches of Hawaii are perfect to drink life to the lees. The scenic beauty will inspire you for a better loved life and you will find contentment in your partner’s arm – something that you have been longing for. Hawaii honeymoon vacation resorts and hotels have much more to offer. There are different types of accommodation to suit your budget and make you enjoy very moment of your stay in Hawaii.

The Hawaii honeymoon package comes in a combination of meals, guided tours along with other entertainment options like car rental etc. You can get accommodation in a five star, 3 star or 2 star hotels depending on your budget. Hyatt Regency Maui, the famous hotel also provides golf courses for golf lovers along with other benefits. Another hotel worth mentioning that is perfect for honeymoon couple is Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani (with terrace view accommodation and a Hertz car rental).

Termed as America’s jewels in the Pacific, Hawaii is a picaresque land with a culture of its own.

The resorts in the Hawaii Island also provide for partying options when you stay there. It makes you feel you are in the seventh heaven with your loved one. The beauty of the islands with its natural landscape and the memorable time spent at the sea beaches signify the start of a new romantic life.

Ready To Have Fun? Your Complete Beach Vacations Guide

Are you dreaming of summer breezes, cocktails at sunset, and time to catch up on your reading. If so, you might just be ready to take a few beach vacations to recharge your batteries. The great news about beach vacations is that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a great, relaxing time on the shore. There are beaches everywhere you look, and you just have to find the time to get there. Even if you don’t want a long trip, you can find a short weekend leave near your home.

If you live in the northeast, you can take beach vacations closer to home than you may think. Virginia Beach is a popular getaway, and there are beaches in Rhode Island, Maine, and New Jersey. No matter where you live, there is an option you may not have even known about. If you live in the west, you may already know where the best beaches are. If you live in Florida, chances are there is a beach within an hour of where you live. No matter what part of the country you live in, a search online should find you some great options for beach vacations.

You can call a travel agent to arrange beach vacations, or you can create your own package. If you are good with using the Internet, you can use all the discount sites to find the best deals on airfare, if you need it, and hotel specials. You may even run across a package deal for beach vacations that you simply cannot pass up. If you go during non peak times, you will find you will save a lot of money on your trip.

Once you have decided which one of the many beach vacations you have found will be the best for you book it and start planning. Even though you may not have to go very far from home, you still have to make arrangements for your pets, if you have any, and find someone to keep an eye on your home. You also have to pack, which isn’t nearly as frightening as you may think it will be. Making a list is always helpful. If your entire family is going, make sure each person makes their own list, that way nothing is left behind.

Some special items you need for beach vacations that you might not need elsewhere are also essential. Make sure you have some beach toys for the kids, plenty of towels, and extra sunscreen. If you are going to a saltwater beach, remember that saltwater can be hard on your hair. Make sure you pack good conditioner for your hair, and good lotion for your skin. You should also remember to take a good book, a beach umbrella, and of course, your sunglasses.

Best Accommodations For Hawaii Family Vacations

Are you and your family interested in taking a Hawaiian family vacation? If you are, you should know that you have an unlimited number of options. One of those options involves where you and your family would like to stay when visiting Hawaii. For information on popular Hawaii family vacation accommodations, you may want to continue reading on.

Vacation resorts are one of the best choices for families looking to vacation in Hawaii. One of the many reasons why vacation resorts are nice for family vacations is because they often have a number of onsite activities. These activities may include golfing, access to a children’s game room, swimming, and so forth. Many Hawaii resorts are designed for parents traveling with children.

Another one of the many reasons why Hawaii resorts may be the best option for you and your family is because of the onsite services that you may gain access to. It is not uncommon for Hawaii resorts, especially those luxury in nature, to extend a number of services to their guests. These services may include room service delivery of foods, a laundry service, as well as a childcare service. If you are traveling with young children or if you just want a break, a childcare service may be ideal for you.

Although there are a number of reasons as to why you should book a stay at a Hawaii resort, for your next family vacation, you should also know that there are a number of downsides to doing so as well. One of those downsides is the potential for crowding. Vacation resorts often have a number of guests, especially during popular vacations months. With that in mind, a large number of guests may also have its benefits. For instance, you and your family could make new friends. This is something that your children may love.

In addition Hawaii vacation resorts, you also may want to book at stay at a Hawaii vacation home. Hawaii vacation homes are nice for family vacations, as they give you the ultimate level of privacy. They also tend to resemble traditional homes, giving off a home-like feel. This is good for parents who are traveling with young children or first time travelers.

Another one of the many reasons why you should examine vacation home rentals, for your next Hawaii family vacation is because of freedom. When renting a Hawaii vacation home, you may have a backyard or even easy access to a beach. This enables you and your family to come and go as you please. You also can enjoy an unlimited number of activities, without having to worry about the noise level or how the person in the next room is feeling. This, alone, gives many parents comfort and peace of mind.

As with Hawaii resorts, you will also find that Hawaii vacation rentals have a few downsides as well. One of those downsides is the cost. Hawaii vacation rentals can be costly. With that in mind, it is important to remember that cost depends on a number of different factors, including size and location. If you are looking to take a Hawaii family vacation on a budget, you may want to examine smaller vacation homes or those that are located inland, as they are often cheaper in price.

You also have the option of staying at a Hawaii hotel. Hawaii hotels resemble Hawaii resorts; however, they don’t always have as many onsite activities or services. They are, however, ideal for those who are vacationing on a budget. If you are interested in getting out and seeing Hawaii, as opposed to staying at your hotel, this may be a nice option for you.

Hawaii condo rentals are another popular choice for vacationers in Hawaii. Although you may want to take time to examine them, you may find Hawaii resorts or vacation homes a better choice. This is because many condo complexes are designed with adults in mind. You may still want to take the time to examine condo rentals, as you may be surprised with what you are able to find available.

Of course, the decision as to where you want to stay for your next Hawaii family vacation is your decision to make. When making that decision though, you may want to keep the above mentioned points in mind.

Hassle free, Memorable and Fantasy Cruise Vacations

Day-in and Day-out a number of advertisements are coming out in leading magazines about cruise vacations to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaska, Trans-Atlantic, the Bahamas etc. Cruise vacations to the romantic seaside, far-flung reaches of Europe, awe-inspiring blue ice destinations, world-class beaches, lush green rain forests. Cruising is a great experience and most cruise ships have almost all the facilities like formal dine in and informal dine out, show-time, gambling, karaoke in the lounge.

There are several myths about cruise vacations such as boring, regimented, seasick, too expensive, meant for the over aged. As it is mentioned they are only myths. Really cruise vacations are memorable. Before cruising, documentation and passport formalities, travel security, weather, best seasons to travel, where to cruise, ship layout, stateroom categories, pricing factors have to be decided. Cruise vacations are enjoyable but the preparation for the vacation is horrible. Some people consult travel agents before planning their cruise vacations. They in turn offer variety of options and because of this cruise vacations have become popular. The travel industry is organizing family cruises, individual cruises, sports cruises, adventure cruises which provide the required fun. The basic reasons for going in for cruise vacations are: they are within the budget and best value for the money spent as accommodation, local transportation are all included in single package. Single cruise vacation can cover different destinations, full of fun with dances, comedy show, live acts. In the deck sunbath, swimming, shuffleboard is offered. Culture of different countries can be tasted. Quality food prepared by experienced chefs and cooks are served during cruise vacations. Cruise vacations provide relaxation and rejuvenation by offering sunbathing, message, free child care are some of the pampering options. Disney cruise vacations are meant for children as Disney and children go hand-in-hand. Celebrations can also be booked on cruise vacations such as birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, wedding day etc. There are special packages offered for celebrations. Cruise vacation is free from the pain of airport security. Business deals can also be done on cruise as Wireless and Internet facilities are also available. Laptop can also be used during cruising. Cruise Ship Industry has everything for people who like change.Launderettes and ironing boards are available for washing and ironing while traveling. Hygiene on travel is maintained by providing shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, razors and body wash.

Cruise vacations are now affordable and not only meant for rich people. Family cruise are the best option to enjoy with the loved ones. These are the gift to the family members and cherished moments as in today’s busy life family members do not have time to spend together. Family cruises also entertain children. They offer fun filled moments for the whole family. Meeting mix of people is possible during cruise journey. Smoking is allowed only in bars with caution.

Celebrity cruises are fabulous and they have enrichment programs that are developed by experts. Bridge can also be learnt during cruising. Expert guides are there to offer tips for shopping.

Caribbean Vacations: Your Booking Options

Are you interested in taking a vacation in the upcoming year or so? If you are, have you already decided on a vacation destination? If you have yet to do so, you are urged to examine the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a popular vacation destination. There are a number of different reasons for that, but two of those reasons are the beauty of the Caribbean and all of the activities that you can participate in while visiting it.

If you would like to vacation in the Caribbean, whether you want to do so in Jamaica, in the Bahamas, or on another Caribbean island, you will need to make your vacation reservations. As previously stated, the Caribbean is known as a popular vacation destination. That is why it is important that you make your vacation reservation as soon as possible.

Speaking of making your Caribbean vacation reservations, you may be wondering exactly how you can go about doing so. If you are, you may be pleased to know that you actually have an unlimited number of different Caribbean vacation booking methods to choose from. A few of your most popular options are outlined below for your convenience.

One of the most popular methods of booking a Caribbean vacation is with the use of a professional travel agent, namely a locally operated one. If you are pressed on time or if you just hate planning your own vacations, you may be interested in turning to your local travel agency or one of your local travel agents. They, with a little bit of input from you, can successfully plan out your vacation for you. This planning should also include the booking of all of your vacation reservations or travel arrangements, like your airline reservations or your stay at a Caribbean resort or hotel.

Although it is nice to seek assistance from a professional travel agent, there are also a number of downsides to doing so as well. One of those downsides is that you aren’t in charge of planning your own vacation. While this may seem like it should be an advantage, you may not end up with the vacation of your dreams when letting a travel agent handle the planning for you. That is why many more vacationers are making the decision to plan their own vacations and make their own vacation reservations. If you are interested in doing so, you will still find that you have a number of different options.

When making your own vacation reservations or planning your own vacation in general you will want to use the internet to your advantage. The internet makes it relatively easy for you to plan your own vacation, as well as make all of your travel arrangements and reservations. For starters, you can make all of your reservations and travel arrangements individually and independently. This would involve first examining all of the airlines that service your vacation destination, like the Caribbean. Once you find a flight that can get you to the Caribbean and one that you can afford, you will then need to buy your tickets online. This is how you can also go about booking your resort stay, as well as certain activities, like scuba diving lessons, and so forth.

While being able to book your next Caribbean vacation reservations independently and individually is nice, you should know that it can be an extremely time consuming process. That is why many end up turning to professional travel agents when looking to plan a Caribbean vacation. What many of these individuals do not know is that Caribbean vacations can be booked in the form of vacation packages, easily online. A Caribbean vacation package is ideal, as it often allows you make your airline reservations, your resort stay reservations, and many other travel arrangements all at the same time. Talk about saving time! In fact, you can also find Caribbean vacation packages that are referred to as all-inclusive vacation packages and super-inclusive vacation packages.

If you would like to have complete control over the planning of your next Caribbean vacation, but you would like to reduce the amount of time that you have to spend planning that vacation, you will want to examine Caribbean vacation packages. For the best value for your money, you may want to look into super-inclusive vacation packages, as well as all-inclusive vacation packages, as they often include your food, drinks, and entertainment.